This year is the 75th Anniversary of the kamikaze attacks on USS Cassin YoungDD 793. The National Park Service is planning an event to commemorate the sacrifices made during the two kamikaze attacks. The NPS and USN conducted a commemorative ceremony on July 30 memorializing the 23 crewmen who made the supreme sacrifice during the kamikaze attacks that took place 75 years ago.

Please continue to visit our website for information on planned events and ongoing projects scheduled for the future on USS Cassin Young.

General donations to USS Cassin Young are tax exempt and can be made by sending checks to:


USS Cassin Young Association

c/o Janet O’Connell

1 Pond Street, Apt. 9H

Winthrop, MA 02152


Or by PayPal using the link below. 

The USS Cassin Young (DD793) Association is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations are tax deductible with 100% going directly to support USS Cassin Young.


KIA Commemorative Coin

A one time fundraising campaign designed to commemorate those crew members who made the supreme sacrifice during the Kamikaze attacks of 1945 and to provide needed funding for preservation and maintenance projects on USS Cassin Young has been developed by the Association. A 75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin will be issued to those making donations of $100 or more. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the KIA Commemorative Coin will be used to preserve and maintain the ship.

Each of the first 100 KIA Commemorative Coins are laser stamped. Commemorative coins will be issued based on when each donation of $100 per coin is received. The person or organization making the first order would receive KIA Commemorative Coin stamped #1, and so on until the 100th order is made.

Any donor wishing to receive a commemorative coin must send their donation of $100 or more to the address listed above along with a note requesting the coin and providing the desired mailing address or email a receipt from their Paypal donation to requesting a coin and providing a mailing address.



About the KIA Commemorative Coin:

The commemorative coin is 2.5” made of raised nickel metal The two archival photos on the coin were provided by the NPS from the USS Cassin Young collection. The photo on the front of the coin was taken in the South Pacific during WWII. The photo on the back of the coin is of the burial-at-sea conducted on USS Cassin Young after the kamikaze attacks. The three colors on the coin represent the colors of the American flag. The 23 red stars on the back of the coin pay tribute to the 23 crew members who made the supreme sacrifice 75 years ago.